Revolutionizing Online Education With Embedded Communications

  • 15 June 2017
  • By Garima Singh


There’s an initial interest in e-Learning services that emphasized on-demand, in-your-own-time leaning anywhere in the world. Real-time communications are revolutionizing e-Learning by powering true to life, engaging experiences.

WebRTC is being widely adopted by institutions for managing interactivity and managing the role of the teacher-student relationship – thus offering e-Learning services as efficient as offline services.

With contextual e-Learning and blended learning, real time communications are revolutionizing the online education.

  • By 2019, it’s estimated that 50% of all higher education classes will be delivered online.
  • e-Learning can help educational institutions boost productivity by 50%. Every $1 spent in e-Learning results in $30 of productivity
  • e-Learning has the power to increase information retention rates by up to 60%

Why Traditional Education Sector Needs To Embrace Technologies?

Rising Demand
There is a rising global demand for education, for a number of reasons including a more challenging and competitive job market, economic growth in developing nations and access to the Internet.

Financial Pressures
For students, it is difficult to fund their education. With rising fees, the average student loan debt is much higher, negatively impacting both enrollment rates and course completion levels. One of the major reasons for students dropping out is financial issues

Less Resources
Every Student is not capable of getting enrolled for every course he/she wants. Online Education helps them take at least one course online with the best teachers.

The Rise of E-Learning with Embedded Communications

Innovation in communications technology is powering a new phase of online education. Embedded communications can help the online education industry reach globally. WebRTC based platforms like GC-Collab can bridge the gap like never before. A few benefits include:

Increased Productivity
Research suggests that e-learning can help companies boost productivity by 50%, with every $1 spent in e-learning resulting in $30 of productivity. Ultimately, e-learning is also driving better results. Academic studies suggest the use of e-learning enables students to retain more knowledge, engage more in the classroom, and increase performance. it has the power to increase information retention rates by up to 60%.

e-Learning can be more convenient as it offers students the opportunity to learn wherever and whenever they want. Especially in many rural and developing locations, it is a must-have, providing educational opportunities for many people who have not had access to them previously

Cost Saving
e-Learning offers cost saving opportunities for academic institutions, allowing them to scale and distribute their learning resources to reach a greater number of geographically dispersed students. The savings e-Learning provides is an important antidote for a future of cutbacks. For students who are facing their own funding challenges, e-Learning can offer more affordable access to education.


Online Tutoring

GC-Collab allows students to connect instantly for face to face tutorials, no matter where they are. Tutors can integrate GC-Collab into their website to start online education in a click.

In these sessions, tutors and students can share documents in real time and can make note – which will be saved on the unlimited cloud storage offered by GC-Collab.

With GC-Collab, online learning can deliver seamless real-time interactions, feedback, learning support and genuine social connections.

Virtual Classrooms

With GC-Collab, educators can extend their reach and students have the opportunity to attend classes remotely and collaborate with their peers wherever and whenever they need.

GC-Collab offers enhanced and collaborative features like file sharing, screen sharing, and note making, unlimited cloud storage while ensuring that everyone stays connected.

Expert Knowledge

GC-Collab can help students connect and collaborate synchronously with tutors, researchers and peers from different campuses or even countries.

Leveraging these powerful technologies, GC-Collab breaks the geographical barriers - enabling access to more and a greater variety of information and input.

Students from small towns or rural areas can even take online classes of any experts for any course.

Online Collaboration

Today’s learners are widely adopting online collaboration to learn new things.

Real time communications help e-Learners collaborate with their friends, mentors, or mates is increasingly adopted by today’s learners.

File sharing, shared screen, and video services offer the biggest opportunities for both service providers and learners.


GC-Collab is a high-quality real-time communications solution for embedding live video, voice, and messaging into websites and mobile applications.

Integrating the platform into your website or mobile application empowers you for offering better customer service experience, improved team management, and instant collaboration.

Core Features of GC Platform:

  • No downloads or plug-ins
  • Audio, Video, & Messaging
  • One-to-one & One-to-many calling
  • File Sharing
  • Whiteboard
  • Easily Note Making
  • Screen Sharing