What Is WebRTC & How It Can Benefit My Business?

It enables browsers and mobile applications with Real-Time Communications (RTC) with no download, installation, or plug-in.

  • 3 March 2017
  • By Kunal Bhatt

Since its release in 2011, WebRTC has gained enormous popularity in the business world. From healthcare industry to financial service providers, education sector to eCommerce, to well, everything. In coming years, the demand for WebRTC is expected to surge significantly among end users, owing to the high compatibility with multiple platforms & devices and its open source nature.

The knack to embed communications (Voice, Video, & Messaging) into browsers and mobile applications has goaded higher proficiency and efficacy within almost any milieu, regardless of whether it’s business to business, consumer-facing, or internal communication environment.

In most cases, it requires a management platform to deliver scalable services, to meet the specific requirement of different industries. Our customers round the globe are using GC platform to build powerful & smooth communication experiences into their websites and applications.

In 2016, the worldwide market for WebRTC was valued at US$10.71 bn.

  • Analysts predict the progress in this market to be paced at a CAGR of 24.30% between 2017 and 2025, and reach US$81.52 bn by the end of 2025.
  • The global market for WebRTC registers its presence across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, North America, and South America. Among these, North America acquired the leading position in 2016 with a share of more than 40%.

Why is there so much interest in WebRTC?

WebRTC is the innovation that has the potential to spark the formation of more billion dollar companies. Global Markets are starting to pay attention.

Most of our daily life activities, from banking to shopping, are shifting online, the human touch is lost somewhere in-between. To fill the physical gap, enterprises are looking for new techniques to communicate and connect to enable team collaboration, drive engagement, and support customers. WebRTC is the best innovation to fill that gap efficiently and effectively.

From booking rides to ordering food to finding someone to make your pet walk, on-demand services are being used by everyone in today’s busy day-to-day life. In on-demand industry, the communication is the core. This is the time to introduce real time communications in on-demand services. Nothing is better than WebRTC.

Contextual Communications
Patient using a medical software to see reports might also need to contact the doctor for assistance. A customer stuck in one of the services of mobile app banking would prefer to contact the support directly from the app. With WebRTC embedded in websites and mobile applications, delivering outstanding customer experiences.

Benefits of WebRTC

Video Quality Better Than Ever

Enabling the best-quality video/audio calls you have ever experienced.

Faster Connections

Connect in a click directly from your website. Easily Invite people to a meeting or schedule meetings instantly.

No Downloads or Plug-ins

Start collaborating without downloading any third-party software or using any plug-in.

Complete Customization

Customize the platform as per your business requirements. It’s all so easy & amazing.

Reduced Latency

With WebRTC, you don’t need to compromise with your call quality. Experience reduced latency in your video/audio calls.

Easy-to-Use & Integrate

Integrate our WebRTC based platform, GC-Collab into your business website in just 2 mins.

Industry Applications

WebRTC Offers Limitless Opportunities.


Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Consumers are more likely to opt for a brand which offers better customer service. In today’s competitive world, you need a superlative team and tool to offer the best support to your customers.
  • With the GC-Collab platform, built on WebRTC, you can transform your website and application like never before. Offering interactive solution such as real-time communication (video, voice, and messaging) gives you the option to communicate with customers whenever they need, increasing customer satisfaction, making stronger connections.
  • Above all, the platform easily integrates into your existing platform.


Collaborate with your Team Easily

In every type of business, communication is the key. Every day, your team needs to share data and knowledge promptly with one another. With distributed team, business owners are looking for seamless communication and collaboration to manage their workforce.

With the GC-Collab platform, it’s easy to embed real-time communications into your company’s existing platform and workflow – enabling faster and efficient collaboration for your team in the office and out in the field alike.

  • Increases your reach.
  • Boosts employee efficiency.
  • Integrates easily with your existing workflow.
  • Reduces your costs.


Virtual Checkups In A Click

It’s time to enhance the capabilities of existing medical devices with embedded real-time communications. The GC-Collab platform is based in WebRTC enables instant & contextual communication via WebRTC can help keep physicians connected to their patients and with one another.

Minor ailments can be solved via secure and high-quality video communications – without the need of travelling.

  • Increases quality and ease of care, improving patient outcome.
  • Boosts efficiency through automated workflow.
  • Reduces costs for service providers and patients.


Increases Direct Customer Engagement

It’s time to advance your one-way marketing campaigns. More & more brands are competing for online attention; hence you need to offer better experiences to your potential customers.

The GC-Collab platform, when integrated in landing pages of your brand allows customers to interact directly with your brand through real-time communications. If you will offer your customers personalized and face-to-face consultations, they will opt for your brand, will try your products/services, and connect with your brand like never before. The GC-Collab platform:

  • Integrates seamlessly into your existing brand system.
  • Increases direct customer engagement.
  • Can be customized to meet your business needs.
  • Powers rich interactions.


Making Better Customer Support Better

After moving your financial organization online, you need to work hard to stay connected with your customers. Embedded real-time communications into your web and mobile interfaces can offer your customers human-connection, secure and personalized services.

With WebRTC-based GC-Collab platform, your customers can discuss your wealth management services, retirement planning, or anything without travelling to your office or without worrying about downloading third party software. GC-Collab Platform:

  • Is convenient and easy for you and your end users.
  • Integrates seamlessly into your website and mobile app.
  • Enables secure & faster customer connections.

How Can I Use WebRTC For My Business?

We all know, WebRTC offers the core underlying protocols for embedded communications, however it is not a complete platform. WebRTC in its basic form provides high quality, embedded one-to-one video calls, while the real-time communications need of businesses are far more complex.

To manage the complexities, WebRTC based solutions like the GC-Collab Platform has been developed to bring the benefits of WebRTC to the business and professional space while offering complete customization as per the requirement of the business.

Core Features of GC Platform:

  • Integrate into your website & mobile app
  • Connect in a click
  • Customize as per requirement
  • High-level security to ensure your confidentiality
  • Easy to use & work with


GC-Collab is a high-quality real-time communications solution for embedding live video, voice, and messaging into websites and mobile applications.

Integrating the platform into your website or mobile application empowers you for offering better customer service experience, improved team management, and instant collaboration.

Core Features of GC Platform:

  • No downloads or plug-ins
  • Audio, Video, & Messaging
  • One-to-one & One-to-many calling
  • File Sharing
  • Whiteboard
  • Easily Note Making
  • Screen Sharing
  • Scheduling Meeting
  • Video Recording
  • Personalized Dashboard